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About Us

LifeGuides is a peer-to-peer community that helps people navigate through their day-to-day stressors by providing a place of empathy, listening, caring and support.

Why You Should Join Us

Improve your overall well-being with human-to-human (peer-to-peer) support. 

LifeGuides helps you reduce stress, improve happiness and overall well-being by providing a safe and confidential space of empathy, listening, guidance and support. Our platform allows you to interact on your own terms with trained Guides who’ve been in your shoes, who truly understand what you’re going through because these Guides have successfully navigated similar challenges and want to help you.

A Big Thanks

Our Guides are at the heart of what we do. They are people like you and us, who've been through challenges that life throws in our way. As they've overcome similar challenges that you're facing, and have found relief, resilience, hope or happiness, they're committed to help you in your journey to live a better life.

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